Yet more evidence that consultants are unevolved lifeforms



This is priceless. Just received an e-mail press release from a health care consulting group annnouncing an award presented to Roper’s Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital last week. Call me crazy, but something tells me Bon Secours is going keep awfully quiet on this one, at least for the next few weeks. Why? The name of the award. See below:

Studer Group, an outcome-focused health care consultancy, presented a “Fire Starter Award” June 12 to Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital at the annual What’s RIGHT in Health Care conference in Orlando. Many times there are hospitals or health care groups that stand out from their peers and serve as perfect examples of what is right in health care. Studer Group recognizes these organizations as Fire Starters.

A Fire Starter Award?! For a hospital?! Soemthing like this could only emerge from the brains of consultants... Look out next month for their Running With Scissors Award and Unprotected Sex Award…

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