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If you like knowledge and science and stuff about the world you live in, then you should check out Edge if you haven't already. One of my posts about what I call the new intellectuals was picked up by the website, most likely because I refer to the website and the coterie of scientists who I argue have replaced the old guard of public intellectuals. Instead of talking about politics, philosophy, and literature. They talk about all three, plus science, something the old guard literary and aesthetic intellectuals couldn't do. Meanwhile, Priya Venkatesan writes in The Scientist magazine that scientists and literary authors may find a meeting place in today's culture.

Scientists and authors absorb the cultural milieu of their time, whether unconsciously or consciously. I believe we are in a new paradigm where the approach to linking science and literature is beyond the term interdisciplinary, and now encompasses a unique, emerging, and multidimensional discipline of its own.

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