The state of the art (of breakdancing, that is)



I first saw this dancer on a video from 2001 (below). This one is from 2004 (above). You can see similarities, but while the first features some unformed but no less thrilling (listen to the crowd) moves, the second features moves are much more refined, with a graceful, fluid, whip-snap precision.

What I love about street dancing is the sense of competition between dancers, the drive to innovate, especially among young men, who are typically trying to impress girls. But what was first a desire to look cool can often bloom into something greater, something artistic, which I think this is. I hope this guy ends up getting paid someday to teach these moves to others. Breakdancing is old enough now to start looking like a tradition. But it might need innovators like this guy to deepen and widen that tradition. (Thanks to Doug)


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