BOOK REVIEW: Save the Males: Why Men Matter, Why Women Should Care


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A Tiresome Backlash

Controversy becomes conventional in Kathleen Parker's Save the Males


Are men an endangered species?

In her new book, Save The Males: Why Men Matter, Why Women Should Care, Kathleen Parker attempts to make the case that manliness is under assault by a loosely organized movement of “vagina worshipers” and other representatives of our boorish “hookup culture.”

Talking about sexual politics in America today is no easy task. To get anywhere, one must ignore politically-correct mandates and circumvent orthodoxies, particularly when they fly in the face of common sense.

Parker has no problem doing this. The chapter on women in the military is a good example, as she makes a solid, common sense case that women do not belong in combat, particularly on the modern battlefield, where asymmetrical warfare is the norm. Parker also does a good job exploring the complexities of sperm donation, child support payments, and no-fault divorce laws.

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