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Eric Liebetrau, a Charleston native now living in New York, is the managing editor of Kirkus Reviews. He sent us this review of David Lovelace's Scattershot: My Bipolar Family: A Memoir.

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Many of us have experimented with drugs and alcohol, self-medicating ourselves in one way or another in an effort to dull the pain, frustration, and confusion of adolescence. But Lovelace's is a case of recreational drug use exacerbated by his already precarious mental and emotional state.

Often, he writes, he "passed [himself] off as sane by sheer force of will. Like my father, I've seen the beautiful cartwheel of thoughts pitch past and crash and I've learned not to speak of them, to let them all go.

"I can stand inside a desperate circus and force my mind to slow, if only for a few moments."

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