Terrace to ‘seriously consider’ more live theater


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The brief run of The Rocky Horror Show at the Terrace Theatre proved eye-opening to owner Mike Furlinger. He allowed the largest of his three movie theaters to be used by The Little City Musical Theatre Company last month. He was skeptical at first, but says there was a “respectable turnout,” meaning about 60 people per show. “That’s pretty good considering those were $35 per ticket,” he says.

Turnout was so good, in fact, Furlinger is open to doing theater again: “I’d seriously consider doing more.” Already Piccolo Spoleto has approached him about hosting events at the Terrace.

Meanwhile, January 2009 is turning out to be the best January ever, Furlinger says. He has designs on booking exclusive screenings of The Reader, starring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes, Defiance, starring Daniel Craig (James Bond), and the new Matt Damon film, Revolutionary Road, among others.

Furlinger also added a new parking lot to the back of the Terrace in preparation for a new movie theater to the building. The addition will make four theaters in all. —John Stoehr


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