Marcus Still With Us



Marcus Amaker may be the new editor of the Post and Courier’s Preview section, but that hasn’t slowed him down. The spoken word artist and graphic designer took the job four months ago and last week sent an e-mail that should put to rest any concern that he’s too busy to create.

On deck are four projects, all of which can be experienced on One is a rehashing and remixing of songs he wrote and recorded as a kid (“No Mo Chicken,” for example). Another is tentatively called “Lady Phoenix,” in which Amaker plans to reconfigure poems, images, and animation in order to create a digital presentation for the “one perfect person I’ve been searching for.”

There are other projects, too, but what’s important is the human exchange of ideas: “I really like the idea of giving art away,” Amaker says. “Sharing has become so easy with the internet.” —John Stoehr

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