Movie calendar sucks



It's that time of the year again. Late February right before the Academy Awards means sucky movies. Everyone's waiting to see who wins an Oscar. Theaters are holding off on new films while people see the winners. Meanwhile, we're holding our breath till March. Fortunately, there's light in sight. The Terrace is opening the much acclaimed Waltz with Bashir on Feb. 27 (we'll have a review next week). Then in March, the theater plans to bring Miss March, about a guy who wakes up from a coma to find his girlfriend has become a Playboy centerfold model; Duplicity, starring Clive Owen and the return of Julia Roberts to the big screen in a spy thriller; Adventureland, another Greg Mottola flick (Superbad) about teenagers doing teenager stuff and then coming to their senses; and State of Play starring Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren in a movie by Kevin McDonald, the director of The Last King of Scotland. None of this is set in stone. The Terrace changes its line-up like the rest of change our clothes — that is, frequently and from day-to-day. We'll see in March. —John Stoehr


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