Terrace leases old IMAX


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Back in September, Terrace Theater owner Mike Furlinger mused about renting the old IMAX next to the South Carolina Aquarium. It was shuttered just when the technology for IMAX projectors had gone digital, a breakthrough that made them more efficient and cost-effective than in years past. And it was closed just when Hollywood started making films for IMAX. That, plus the real estate marketing getting soft, made Furlinger see a business opportunity.

Well, it looks like those musings have become real — and Furlinger, always giddy about movies, couldn't wait to let everyone know. He sent out an e-mail at 2:41 a.m. announcing that he has:

... acquired a long term lease on the old IMAX Theater in downtown Charleston. The new theater will be called Terrace Hippodrome Wide Screen. [It] will boast Charleston's largest  motion picture screen. [Its] format will be first-run blockbusters and will have  a new wine and beer lounge. The target date for the new Hippodrome is May after renovation. The new facility will have state-of-the-art digital sound as well as Charleston's most beautiful waterfront view. ...

Nice. Well done, Mike.



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