Comedy Fest alumni sightings



We keep telling you that you can catch rising comedy stars at our annual Charleston Comedy Festival and recent sightings are proving us right. Chris Smith and his goony face from Harvard Sailing Team made a recent brief appearance on 30 Rock as the father of the baby Liz Lemon wants to adopt.

Ben Schwartz of Hot Sauce was one of the three writers who wrote Hugh Jackman's opening monologue at this year's Oscars.

And most impressively, Aziz Ansari is costarrring in Amy Poehler's new sitcom Parks and Recreation which premiered last week. He also got a shout out in Entertainment Weekly for his hilarious tweets.

Here's a recent post: "@azizansari: Watching @steveagee Twitter in front of me like an asshole. Now he's messing around with some "cool new camera" he got. Dude is the worst." —Stephanie Barna

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