The latest on Shep Fairey



6434/1239720462-539w.jpgThe latest news on contemporary artist Shepard Fairey is he is once again being brought to court for more vandalism charges. The street artist shot into the limelight a month ago when the Associated Press contersued Fairey over the now iconic Obama image, "Hope" — the red, white, and blue poster interpretation of a photo of Obama gazing upward. The AP said Fairey's uncredited, uncompensated use of an AP photo violated copyright law.

Now, Boston police allege Fairey illegally posted his "Obey Giant" and Obama stickers. Fairey's attorney meanwhile claims his client was not even in town at the time of the postings.

The artist was arraigned yesterday in Boston Municipal Court and today for pretrial hearings on other vandalism charges. —Candice Summers

(photo of Fairey in court with his lawyer courtesy of the Boston Herald)

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