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15 Charleston restaurants with great hot wings (and one honorable mention)

Finger lickin'


Chicken wings are a classic finger food and come in all shapes, sizes, and sauces. There are the standard flats and drums, but if you're not up for dealing with the bones, many places serve 'em boneless, too. Try your bird tossed in honey sriracha, mesquite barbecue, and hoisin honey, or if you want cleaner fingers, try the ranch, lemon pepper, and mojo dry rubs.

Needless to say, there are wings for everybody, but there's only one type of wing to sit on the Saucy Throne: the Hot Wing. Painted with the iconic bright red sauce, hot wings are the quintessential flavor for a chicken wing. But it's not just about the flavor — it's about that unsettling, yet exciting experience of eating a hot wing. The heat leaves a burning sensation in your mouth and on your lips, and a desire to drown it out with a gallon of milk.

The weather is heating up, but that doesn't mean you should stop eating hot wings. In fact, this may be the best time to indulge; if you're already sweating from the humid, summer sun of Charleston, then there's no need to worry about sweating while eating hot wings. Win/win.

If you're one of those people craving that extra heat and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty, check out these 15 places for our favorite Charleston hot wings. Some are Charleston franchises, and can be found all over town, while others are one of a kind. Try them all if you're up for the challenge:

The Alley
$8/six, $14/dozen

Ashley Lanes Tavern
West Ashley
$6/six, $12/dozen

Charleston Sports Pub
Multiple locations
$7.99/six, $13.99/dozen

d.d. Peckers' Wing Shack
West Ashley
$7/six $13/dozen

Gene's Haufbrau
West Ashley
$6.95/six, $11.95/dozen

The Griffon
$10.99/10, $19.99/20

Hubee D's

West Ashley
$6.99/six, $13.99/dozen

In-N-Out Wings
North Charleston
$4.99/five, $8.59/10

Kickin' Chicken
Multiple Locations
$8.29/six, $13.49/dozen

Moe's Crosstown - MICHAEL PHAM
  • Michael Pham
  • Moe's Crosstown
Moe's Crosstown Tavern
$11.95/dozen, $17.95/18

Paisano's Pizza Grill
West Ashley, James Island

Sesame Burgers and Beer
Multiple Locations
$6/five, $11/10

Tattooed Moose
Multiple Locations
$13.25/1.5 lbs (8-9)

The Moose wings - MICHAEL PHAM
  • Michael Pham
  • The Moose wings

Trayce's Too
West Ashley
$6.50/six, $11.50/dozen

Tru Blue's House of Wings
Mt. Pleasant

Honorable Mention:
The Royal American magic wings
$6/six, $11/dozen
They're not technically hot wings but they're definitely wings that need to be on your list. They're not joking when they call them magic. 

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