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2007 Music Issue



Over the last few years, Charleston’s unconventional music scene evolved into a full-fledged hub of musical activity and became something of a coastal Bible Belt oasis for underground music. Currently, there are hundreds of bands playing a variety of musical styles, dozens of clubs and venues, independently owned studios and record companies, supportive radio stations, and no shortage of hipsters, and genuinely talented characters. It has all fallen into place. This week’s Music Issue aims the spotlight at a few of the talented players and individuals who make it happen.

Additionally, City Paper’s updated 2007 Music Directory offers a comprehensive “who’s who” guide to the local band scene with descriptive list of active musical acts with updated contact and website information. Designed to serve as a useful tool for readers, writers, booking agents, club owners, radio stations, and others around town and elsewhere, this year’s directory illustrates the diversity and richness of the Charleston band scene better than anything City Paper could publish on a weekly basis.

After a careful redesign this fall by City Paper web editor Josh Curry, the 2007 Music Directory allows the music department to more easily adjust and update vital information from week to week. The goal is to maintain the most accurate and informative list of performers with current contacts and colorful descriptions. If a local act changes their name, tinkers with the lineup, reworks their set lists, or breaks up entirely, we want to hear about it and put the word out across the music section. If a band is busy gigging out or recording in town and they’re not yet listed in the Music Directory, we want to get them on board as quickly as possible and add a proper entry. That’s the idea … bring it on, bands.

Photos by Leslie McKellar

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