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Percentage of Army Wives voters who love clobbering time


The second season of Army Wives, the Lifetime production shot in the Lowcountry, was full of ups and downs, but perhaps this was the most dramatic moment.

Imagine it all over again. He's wearing a violet Oxford and khaki pants. His hair is neatly styled and moussed. He's walking down the hallway. He looks pensive, but not like he's going to do anything, but — ho boy! Does he ever!

Michael (Brian McNamara) knocks on the door. Another man answers. He's taller, he's balder, and he's surprised. "Michael!" he exclaims, just before it happens. What happens? Oh, you remember! Without expression, without exertion, Michael clobbers the man who attacked Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney). Thwuuump. Down he goes. On his keister. Michael tightens his jaw. Walks away. Who says revenge is best served cold?

According to a Lifetime viewer poll, 23 percent of Army Wives fans said this was the second season's best moment. Other moments in the running were when Claudia Joy confronted the new wife (13 percent), when Pamela (Brigid Brannagh) stomped a stalker of her own (14 percent), and Claudia Joy's date with young Finn (John White Jr., 17 percent).

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