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The average number of hours of work each week for dancers at Robert Ivey Ballet


It's easy to think artists don't really work.

They love what they do. How can doing something you love be work?

Well, if you don't believe it is, just ask the dancers at Robert Ivey Ballet. Thousands of students have blossomed under Ivey, a stalwart of the arts scene for 30 years.

Ivey's been teaching for so long, the children of the children of his original students are now dancing with him. He's sent dancers to three World Fairs and to countries like Norway, Russia, and China. At one point, four of his top students were performing on Broadway at the same time. One is Amanda Rose, who's in the cast of Wicked.

Ivey dancers rehearse for 15 hours a week, take 14 hours worth of classes, and perform for another 10 hours, culminating in a 42-hour work week.

And the reason for all that hard work?

"The director is a dictator!" Ivey says.

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