Special Issues » Summer Guide 2010

5 places to get a ridonkulous supply of local shrimp


1. Miss Judy Too. Head over to Haddrell Street on Shem Creek in Mt. Pleasant and look for Capt. Tommy Edwards and crew and buy some of their fresh haul. Or call ahead (843-442-2970) to see when they'll be docking.

2. Cherry Point Seafood. Take a ride down to Rockville and pick up some shrimp at this well-loved fish house. Call ahead to see what they've got: (843) 559-0858.

3. C.A. Magwood & Sons. A veritable institution, the Magwoods have been shrimping for 60-plus years and sell it fresh from the docks on Shem Creek. To find them, call (843) 884-3352.

4. Guy on side of road. If you're going to take a chance and buy from a guy with a cooler, make sure the heads are on and the eyes are clear. That's how you can be sure you're getting fresh and local.

5. Cast a net. Of course, the best way to get some fresh and local shrimp is to cast your own net into the creek and pull it in.

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