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5 ridonkulous summertime childhood games



As grown-ups, an empty beer can is something to cry over and flashlights are best used to find your clothes after skinny-dipping. Yeah, there's a reason Hollywood makes movies about growing up and not the other way around. That said, there's more than enough nostalgia in these games to get your heart swooning for another Cub Scout badge.

1. Marco Polo. Strictly the pool variety. We don't want you running into a tree in the woods.

2. Simon Sez ... keep reading. And you thought you were too old for these games.

3. Kick the can. Just make sure you recycle it when you're done.

4. tag. This one was a lot more fun before semi-automatic Nerf guns and water cannons came along.

5. Snipe hunting. A rare bird meets a highly motivated camper who's not too skeptical. Fun ensues.

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