Special Issues » Summer Guide 2010

5 ridonkulously cheap places to ward off summer boredom


1. Waterfront Park Fountain. A fun way to cool off on a dull summer day in downtown Charleston. Put on a bathing suit and hop into the spray, and then sit on a swing and air dry while you eat an Italian Ice.

2. Mt. Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park Playground. You only have to pay for parking at this relatively new venue, so pack the kids up, take along a picnic, and enjoy the breeze off the harbor as the kids climb and play on a mini Ravenel bridge.

3. Alhambra Hall Playground. Tucked away in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant, this spacious playground is shaded by majestic grand oaks and cooled by the breeze off the harbor.

4. Ackerman Skate Park. Yeah, it's just two quarter pipes in a park in West Ashley. But it's a place your tyke can skate for free with little competition. Or you can drop $3 to skate at the Mt. Pleasant Skate Park.

5. Martin Luther King Pool. It costs 50 cents a day for kids to swim at this downtown facility, but it's a great place to go if you don't have access to a swimming pool and your kids are dying to take a dip.

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