Best Way to Scare Old People to Death

Freeman’s Safari Taxidermy’s mounted, remote control rattlesnake

Staff Pick

A.O. Freeman is a good ol’ boy if ever there was one, and there’s more than a hint of mischief in his bespectacled eyes. So when Freeman, who owns Freeman’s Safari Taxidermy in Ladson, invites you to take a closer look at a rattlesnake that he mounted years ago and now sits in his studio, be on your toes. While you’re admiring the serpent’s fangs, Freeman might just grab a remote control and press a button that sparks to life the snake’s trademark vibrating tail and sends you scurrying. Freeman, however, practices discretion when it comes to spooking guests of a certain age. “I don’t do that to old people,” he says. “It might give them a heart attack.” —Daniel Brock
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