Best of Charleston 2013

Best Of The World

The past few years have been very kind to Charleston. We’ve been showered with praise and honored with so many awards it’s getting kind of hard not to get a big head. It seems like everyone loves us. But when the folks at Condé Nast Traveler declared that Charleston was the Best City in the World, the news still managed to come as a complete shock. What about New York City, we asked? Or London? Or Paris? Or Rome? Surely we’re not as great as those places? We’re just teeny, tiny Charleston, S.C. But apparently, we’re as good as those places. And frankly, we’re absolutely thrilled and completely humbled. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that the Holy City was — dare we say it — a scary, broken-down eyesore. However, thanks to the collective effort of all the people who call this great American city home, we’ve turned this old town around and made it into a world-class travel destination and a great place to live. So enjoy this moment, everyone. We may never have another like it.

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