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Want to know where the best place to go for Brazilian food is in the area? Just ask the Chinese! Tony and Kelly Chu, owners of Red Orchids on Sam Ritt, introduced us to a hidden gem last weekend, Amazon Grill. The Goose Creek restaurant is located at 316 Redbank Road in the same Food Lion-anchored stretch as No. 1 Kitchen. The buffet has a delicious assortment of stewed, vegetable-infused meats, as well as a salty, fatty soup that is so good it curls Tony's toes. Meats grilled over open flames are brought one after another after another to your table by men bearing spits and sharp knives. Take the provided tongs, pinch a piece of the seared meat, and let them slice it for you and place it on your plate. It's an Atkins-lover's wet dream. Especially the grilled hearts and bacon-wrapped chicken (or beef) bits. And then there's the roast beef and the pork ribs and ... and ... I'm breathless because I'm still full two days later. On Sundays, the family-style restaurant not only shows South American variety shows on the widescreen, it also has a gentlemen singing Latino hits while playing a keyboard. Seriously, add this one to your adventurous list. —Bill Davis


It's oyster season, and the new Locklear's Beach City Grill on the Folly Beach Pier is welcoming the colder months with weekly oyster roasts. For $16.99, eat as many fresh local oysters as possible and take advantage of buckets of beer and other drink and food specials. Locklear's supplies the gloves and knives; all you need are the guts to open one of the shells to see what's inside. The roasts are on the restaurant's covered deck, so they happen rain or shine every Saturday from 5-9 p.m. starting Jan. 7 and running as long as the oysters are good. Visit Locklear's on the Folly Beach Pier at 101 East Arctic Avenue. Call 588-6412 for more information. —Katherine DuPre


Coleman Boulevard's quaint little Italian restaurant Sette has added some tasty new menu items. First there's the new "pizzette" (mini pizza) appetizer with goat cheese and marinara sauce. In the entrée department, the chefs have added lobster ravioli, osso bucco over a parmesan risotto, and a fettucini pasta trio featuring pork, meatballs, and sausage. The restaurant also continues its half-price wine bottle specials Monday-Thursday from 5-8 p.m. But really, you had us at osso bucco. Sette, owned by the same group as Mustard Seed and Boulevard Diner, is open at 210 Coleman Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant. Call 388-8808 for more information. —KD

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