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A Montauk-based magazine dedicated an issue to Bill Murray — and wants you to come to the release party at The Joe

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Look, something else dedicated entirely to Bill. - PROVIDED
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  • Look, something else dedicated entirely to Bill.
Did somebody say ... Bill Murray? Everyone's favorite local celeb isn't just a star around town; Whalebone Magazine, a national publication based in Montauk and NYC, is hosting a release party for their latest Bill Murray-themed issue at The Joe next Sat. May 19. That's right, a magazine dedicated all of their pages to Mr. Murray (who would do something like that?) and they're celebrating with a bougie party ($100/ticket) at the Riley Park Club featuring an open bar, hors d'oeuvres, music from DJ Japancakes, and a "special guest or two."

Whalebone describes itself as an "authentic, positive lifestyle brand that feels like a friend." If that sounds like a bunch of hooey, maybe it is, "Whalebone delivers a submerssive [ed note: this is not a word we are familiar with] experience that blurs the lines between digital, social, experiential, print and events."

But back to Bill. The party in his honor features food, booze, and music sure, but we have a feeling Murray himself may make an appearance. At least, that's sort of how Whalebone is teasing it. Would a company that "explores, uncovers, and celebrates like-minded people and places" do you wrong?

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