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  • opened on July 6, 2009
  • closed on July 15, 2009

A rambling, hard-to-follow press conference isn’t the only thing that Gov. Sarah Palin has in common with Gov. Mark Sanford. How else are these two scandals similar?

She can see Buenos Aires from her back yard.

8 votes (8.60%)

She, too, “crossed the line” with a handful of other women.

6 votes (6.45%)

Both share a make-believe interest in hiking.

6 votes (6.45%)

Palin also looks for things to do on boring international trade missions.

1 vote (1.08%)

She found her extramarital soulmate: Barney’s.

2 votes (2.15%)

Like Jenny, Todd was the real brains in the governor’s office.

4 votes (4.30%)

Both political careers over? You betcha.

66 votes (70.97%)

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