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  • opened on June 15, 2009
  • closed on June 24, 2009

A tough budget year and sinking ships have endangered Patriots Point. What should the troubled attraction do?

A. Acquire a new collection of ships, including the Gilligan’s Island tour boat, the Love Boat, and a replica of the Enterprise.

5 votes (7.46%)

B. Have a DVD burning of Michael Bay’s "Pearl Harbor."

1 vote (1.49%)

C. Randomly attack the Charleston Harbor every few months.

20 votes (29.85%)

D. Put the ships to good use in a new Lifetime spin-off: "Navy Wives."

8 votes (11.94%)

E. Life-size Battleship!

9 votes (13.43%)

F. Create elaborate ghost stories, if there aren’t some already.

6 votes (8.96%)

G. Oh, just throw a “Mission Accomplished” banner up on the Yorktown and call it a day.

18 votes (26.87%)


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