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Amanda Seyfried loves Pearlz

Actress plugs Charleston on Jay Leno Show


Even if you're on Team Coco, you might be interested in checking out this video of Jay Leno's May 11th show. Actress Amanda Seyfried chats about her experiences in Charleston when filming Dear John last year.

Skip forward to Chapter 4 (26:34) in the video (and expect to suffer through some Olive Garden commercials) to see her say things like: "I really want to live there someday. It's amazing. It's southern. It's beautiful.... so romantic."


"In Charleston we had oysters every night at Pearlz Oyster Bar." And then she brings Leno, an avowed oyster hater, some raw oysters on a platter of ice.

If the video doesn't work for you, try this link to watch it.

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