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Angels shake a feather in Marion Square

Wings for Kids holds fundraising dance-a-thon



An angel in white dances on the corner at Calhoun and King streets, her wings in constant motion. Passers-by are distracted at first, but some soon begin dancing along for a good cause.

Wings for Kids is a 13-year-old nonprofit that teaches at-risk kids social and emotional skills in after-school programs. A tough year for fundraising left Wings $120,000 short of its budget, so CEO and founder Ginny Deerin decided to find support by dancing for the cause.

"Failure is not an option," Deerin said a few hours into the marathon on Thursday.

She started dancing at 7 a.m. on June 3 and reached her goal just a little after 9 p.m. Friday night. She's welcomed people and pets to join in, as well as supporters online, who are offering up their own dancing skills in videos.

Donors got involved with a direct donation, challenging someone to dance for a donation, or by dancing in the chalk circle on the downtown corner for a $20 donation.

"Get out there, dance your buns off and get what you need to get done," Deerin said.

On Thursday, a former Wings' kid, Kimberly Bowman, spoke as the valedictorian of her graduating class at Burke High School, living proof that this organization can make a difference in someone's life.

"We are down here on the corner trying to make sure more kids can get wings and fly high in life," Deerin said at the time.

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