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Animal Society offering special on kittens — Extended!

CAS harkens back to the '80s with latest promotion



Summer lovin’ is all around, and the cats of the city are no exception. Over the past month, the Charleston Animal Society has seen a huge influx of kittens, and now they're looking for good homes for little furballs. Their main goal is to avoid the tragedy of euthanizing young, healthy animals.

Wednesday evening, Charleston Animal Society staff dressed up in their raddest '80s attire and rolled back prices to match the era of their duds. Normally, cat adoption costs $95, but for these special four hours cats were just $45.

 Fifteen kittens were adopted out, but there are still 75 that need homes, so they've decided to extend the promotion through Sunday.

“Back then the kittens weren’t micro-chipped or neutered/spayed so this is really a steal,” says director Kay Hyman. “Our main goal is to save lives.” In an effort to help you find just the right kitten, there will also be fun games and activities to do with the animals so you can go home with the perfect fit. Stop by this special event and hopefully you'll leave with a loving new companion.

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