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Annual Spoleto SCENE White Party changes venues and vibes

White Flight



After climbing the stairs up to the roof of 77 Wentworth Street, guests were greeted by a beautiful Charleston sunset bathing the rooftops in pink and orange hues on Thursday night. If only for moment, the sunset distracted from the fact that nearly everyone and everything else at the party was white.

Guests employed their creativity and colorful accessories to stand out and showcase personal style as best they could with the limitations of the dress code — orange shoelaces, neon shoes, bright necklaces (turquoise and coral were big winners), and even a floral skirt helped guests add their own personal flair to the proceedings.

Switching from the residential venues of years past, this year's party definitely emitted a more urban, South Beach vibe, complete with a DJ perched high above the dance floor playing music ranging from house to the inevitable Journey and Michael Jackson. Bubbles poured onto the dance floor, and at one point the bubble formula turned to foam, making guests wonder if it was going to be "that" kind of party.

Instead, partygoers mingled by the bar sipping on Icebox's honeysuckle lemonade cocktail. It went down all too easily, except for the rose petals that adorned each drink. Noshing on sliders with roasted potatoes and fried chicken and waffles on skewers provided by Hamby Catering and Events, guests seemed in high spirits — maybe it had something to do with this being one of the last parties of Spoleto 2012.

As darkness settled on the roof, the dance floor finally got some action. Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" had a gaggle of girls run from the bar to the dance floor to bust a move. A Latin-inspired mix followed, inspiring a few merrymakers to show off their salsa steps. Some partygoers snuck away from the crowded dance floor, making use of the futons to canoodle. Some just snuck away for a photo shoot with their friends, including one flexible lady who wrapped her leg around her date's waist.

As the night wound down, Juniper Schuey and a few others from the much-buzzed-about A Crack in Everything made an appearance — complete with gold foil in their hair and on their faces.

To wrap things up, a Chinese lantern was released into the night, guiding guests home like the North Star at last call. —Melissa Tunstall

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