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Are You Experienced?

14 unusual experiences


Unless you're in the habit of sharing your sneakers with your fellow man, chances are nobody truly knows what it's like to walk a mile in your shoes.

And quite frankly, that might be a good thing. After all, who wants their feet to get contaminated by whatever fungus is clinging to your kicks?

That said, the world might be a better place if we all understood each other just a little better, which is why it's important that we share our experiences — the good, the bad, and the funky. And with this year's Year End Double Issue — featuring terrifying tales about being lost at sea and staying put in Chucktown through Hugo alongside silly stories about cleaning up horse pee and getting high off salvia divinorium — that's what we're trying to do.

Consider it our little way of bringing the brotherhood of man and the sisterhood of the traveling pants closer together.

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