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Arson Task Force releases sketch of witness

Kind of looks like E.T.



Have you seen this man? Authorities say he might have information that would be useful in the ongoing investigation of a string of suspicious house fires near the Crosstown.

Police describe the man as a black male, 38 to 45 years old, between 6' and 6'2" in height, with a light complexion. He is also described as "scruffy," and he has been seen wearing light-brown Dickies work pants and a hoodie with a design on the back.

If you think you can identify him, call the Charleston Police Department at (843) 577-7434 or the Arson Hotline at 1-800-922-7766. When asked in an e-mail if identifying the man would make someone eligible for the $50,000 arson tip reward, Public Information Officer Charles Francis wrote, "He isn't a suspect. He is someone who may have information that can help the ongoing investigation."

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