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Define "Couch Potato"

If you're the type of person who's normally listening to public radio at 6:30 p.m. on a Friday (hey, we're not judging; nobody knows better than us that Battlestar Galactica comes on at 9) then you're probably the sort of person who listens to NPR's popular radio quiz show Says You!, which airs right about then. Recently beefed up from a 30-minute slot to an hour, Says You! spins its comedic conceit around creator/host Richard Sher and two teams of panelists who compete at an assortment of word games, brain teasers, trivia, and parlor games. One of the most popular is the show's bluffing round, a variation on the word game known as fictionary. In it, the three members of one team are given an obscure word; one of them gets the actual definition, and the other two must bluff with fake definitions composed within a minute or so.

If you're looking for an excuse to finally tear yourself away from the sofa and the radio on a Friday evening and get your butt downtown, here's the perfect one: Says You! will be recording live at the Dock Street Theatre on Fri. Nov. 10 at 7:30 p.m. A before-showtime meet-the-panelists soirée with bubbly and hors d'oeuvres has already sold out, but general admission tix ($26.50) were still available last time we checked. The taping event, titled "Charleston Chuckles" (how very public-radioesque), comprises two shows with an intermission. Tickets can be purchased through the Says You! website, which is too long to print here. Google it, okay? (And while you're at it, 10 points for the original definition of "google.") –Patrick Sharbaugh

Reed 'Em and Weep

Get yer fiction on. The College of Charleston Visiting Writers' Series hosts a free reading by renowned poet Andrew Hudgins and acclaimed fiction writer Erin McGraw tomorrow (Thurs. Oct. 26) at 7:30 p.m. in Arnold Hall at 96 Wentworth St.

Hudgins' published works include Ecstatic in the Poison, Babylon in a Jar, and 1985's Saints and Strangers, which was short-listed for the Pulitzer Prize. His awards include the Witter Bynner Award for Poetry and the Hanes Poetry Prize. Hudgins teaches at Ohio State University, and he also happens to be married to fiction writer Erin McGraw, the author of four books of fiction, including The Good Life, The Baby Tree, and Lies of the Saints, which was selected as a New York Times Notable Book. McGraw teaches creative writing and American literature at Ohio State University, and her new novel, Ain't We Got Fun, is scheduled for release next year. –PS

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