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Avery Brewing earned rave reviews

Strong Ale at Chai's



If last week's beer dinner at Carolina's was a prim, proper, and polite get-together, the following night's (Thurs. Oct. 30) beer dinner at Chai's Lounge & Tapas — with big ales from Boulder, Colo.'s Avery Brewing Company — was a wild and raucous feast. The roaring scene during the six-course/12-beer session in the tent-covered courtyard fit the joyful unruliness of Avery's bold and flavorful microbrewed beers. Beer manager Les Addis (second from left) from the hosting distributor AdVintage Fine Wines & Craft Brews was on hand, as were Coast Brewing proprietors David Merritt (right) and his wife Jaime Tenny (second from right). Owner and head brewer Adam Avery stood on a small stage by the fireplace and introduced two beers with each course. Most were Americanized reworkings of classic English and Belgian styles of ale — and most were of extremely high gravity with an alcohol content of between eight and 11 percent by volume. Chef Derek Falta's soups, pastas, salmon, and lamb steaks were excellent, but Avery's massive beer samples stole the show. —T. Ballard Lesemann

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