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Back from the Grave barely survived




It was a dark and drizzly night. Violent gusts of sea air thrashed Mugdock castle, as a solemn woman in black greeted guests. Snacks and libations from Poe's Tavern were consumed as costumed performers worked the crowd. A quick walk in the rain brought us to a red-lit Fort Moultrie, where creepy characters led us through the underground bunker and outside, performing various scenes from Edgar Allen Poe's works. The scenes were intimate, as the Creative Spark actors crept among us, causing some to chuckle nervously. But alas, the thing that made the night so perfectly spooky — the rain — nearly ruined everything. As the storm grew, outside scenes were moved inside, resulting in chaos that lasted a good 10 minutes. Guests and actors alike wandered around in confusion, and the show never quite recovered. Despite everything though, I left that night with a delightfully dark feeling. I can only imagine how successful it would have been had they actually prepared for rain. —Erica Jackson

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