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Bassnectar burned up The Pour House

Smokin' and samplin'



If live music is what you're craving, The Pour House is usually the sure-fire place to get your fix. This Thursday though, there was so much hype surrounding the Bassnectar show that they had to start sending people home by 9:45 p.m. But for good reason. Inside was a sea of people, dressed in costumes, grinding against each others' sweaty bodies, celebrating the chaos. It felt like maneuvering your way through an Indian city. True to form, Lorin Ashton, the main man behind Bassnectar, melded electronic rhythms and tons of samples from artists like Cypress Hill and the Fugees with freaky basslines that pulsated throughout the entire building. Ashton may promote anti-escapism, but for those who needed to get out of the hot mess, El Bohio was the perfect spot for a dance party with more room for groovin'. It was so hot that when we went on the back patio, steam was rising off of people's shirtless bodies.

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