Battle: Los Angeles

Rated PG-13 116 min. 2011

This is a mix of alien invasion yarn and shaky cam war footage that at least isn’t as infinitely and infuriatingly awful as last year’s entrant into the world of evil space invaders, Skyline. Battle: L.A. has the most in common with Skyline amongst the long line of alien invasion flicks, namely with its setting and its attempt to personalize a large scale onslaught of little green men (or, in this case, big gray men in metal suits) down to the story of just a few. And while not sinking down to the depths of the maddening and puerile specter of Skyline isn’t a recommendation, there are comparisons to be drawn. For no matter how generic and cliched Battle: L.A. is, it never bothers attempting to be clever or cool like its predecessor. Where Skyline carries an air of haughtiness in its stupid tale of hot dudes and chicks fighting off aliens, Battle: L.A. never attempts to climb above its main goal of stuff blowing up. Yes, it’s a corny, silly movie that attempts to take itself seriously, but what else does anyone expect from a movie that exists within one of the corniest, silliest genres around, one that’s never been more than matinee fodder. Since the film’s sole purpose is a lot of action and explosions,Battle: L.A. fulfills these aims, but does little more beyond this.

Film Credits

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Director: Jonathan Liebesman

Writer: Christopher Bertolini

Producer: Jeffrey Chernov, Ori Marmur and Neal H. Moritz

Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Michael Peña, Ramon Rodriguez, Will Rothhaar, Cory Hardrict, Jim Parrack, Gino Anthony Pesi and Ne-Yo


Battle: Los Angeles

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