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TJ and Ric

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Morning radio DJs are not like you and I. They have to rise at an ungodly hour and be at their absolute best the moment they get to work. There’s no time for drinking a couple of cups of coffee at the desk and getting the brain up to speed by checking email and surfing social media. Even worse, they’re often required to do nighttime promotional meet-and-greets at various bars and clubs. And over the years, it really takes a toll on the body and the soul. This is a truth that WEZL’s TJ Phillips and Ric Rush know all too well. After 20 years helming The WEZL Morning Show, Phillips and Rush decided they’d had enough of the morning grind. Fortunately for their fans, the powers that be at WEZL decided to give the long-time duo a 3 to 7 p.m. afternoon slot. Here’s hoping they stick around for another 20.
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