Best And Only Reason to Go to Citadel Mall

5th Wall Productions

Staff Pick

Citadel Mall is one of those vestiges from another time; graying department stores and rancid food courts remind us why we stick to Amazon for our shopping ventures. But past the blank-eyed kiosk attendees and teenagers with pink hair there is a safe space, home to plain good theater from 5th Wall Productions, a place that reminds us why vestiges of the past sometimes hang around. The theater company’s most recent production, Snowblind, was described by CP theater critic Maura Hogan as a “pill-popping No Exit, cut with a little Waiting for Godot.” With reasonable ticket prices and some top-notch area actors gracing the stage, this Citadel Mall-based theater company is a prince disguised as a frog. It’s just waiting to be kissed. —Mary Scott Hardaway

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