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You know what’s fun? Experiencing a contraction while a doctor places a three-inch needle into your back. So fun in fact, moments later you may even puke all over the hospital floor. If this should happen to you, we pray you’re at MUSC because their anesthesiologists are the original Dr. Feelgoods. Last spring, when I was in the throes of delivery hell, my epidural initially left my right abdomen cramping in pain. A quick ring to my anesthesiologist and I learned the single best word you can hear in a delivery room: booster. A booster is a bump of additional pain meds, and I was allowed to deliver mine via my own button. Suffice it to say, I treated that button like an Atari joystick and blew that pain away like it was so many saucers in the game Asteroids. —Kinsey Gidick
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