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Linda Page's Thieves Mart



Linda Page's Thieves Mart

Mt. Pleasant. 1460 Ben Sawyer Blvd. 884-9672

Linda Page isn't your average woman. But then again, neither is Linda Page's Thieves Mart your average store. Page's Thieves Mart, located on the way to Sullivan's Island, near Old Mt. Pleasant, has edged out the competition and won Best Antique Store for the seventh year in a row ... and for good reason, too. "We will auction everything from real estate to your grandma's knickknacks," Page says. "You never know what you'll find in here!" Page's Thieves Mart is simply the place to stop at if you're looking for any kind of treasure. Dig through the hundreds of items in her store and you will find everything from old Barbies to antique rocking chairs and coin-operated pianos. If you're looking for anything from 1850-1950, Page's Thieves Mart will probably have it in stock. "It's like a trip to the museum; it's so addictive," shoppers say as they rummage through boxes and cling to their found treasures. Linda Page's Thieves Mart is guaranteed to be a different experience each time you go. Who knew digging through old boxes could be so much fun? --Ashley Lewis

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