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In the Dark



In the Dark
Oct. 3-31, 2007. Robert Lange Studios.

Nick Smith, a City Paper critic, described "In Its Sleep" by New York artist Sean Clancy like this: "He harkens back to classical Greek art and his muscular, bare-armed form gives the painting a Homer-erotic edge." In other words, Clancy's In the Dark was a welcome surprise at last October's art walk, providing a bit of curiosity about literary history among the Holy City's army of visual artists. Clancy's exhibit made references to Homer's The Iliad, Spenser's Faerie Queen, Anton Chekhov, and Arthurian legend, as well as to Old Masters like Caravaggio. Last fall, there was talk of Clancy's return to Robert Lange. Now, City Paper has learned that he will be the gallery's featured artist during the 20th anniversary celebration of the French Quarter Gallery Association on Oct. 3.

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