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Madra Rua

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Ten years from now, when hundreds of folks are living in the Garco Mill apartment complex just off East Montague Avenue in Park Circle, chances are Madra Rua Irish Pub will still be winning this category. The truth is, from a strictly interior-design point of view, Mardra Rua is simply one of the finest pubs we’ve ever been to. It’s a cozy and comfy bar with secluded little nooks and crannies to grab a pint and have a conversation with your mates. There is perhaps no other bar in the area that feels as inviting and relaxing — not that there aren’t a lot of inviting and relaxing bars around these parts. Of course, the environs aren’t the only draw at Madra Rua. From fisherman’s pie to fish and chips to Cincinnati chili to Sunday brunch benedicts, the Park Circle pub offers some pretty dang good grub. They also serve up a crazy assortment of black and tan-style Guinness pairings. Check out the Samuel Jackson (Sam Adams and Guinness).
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