Best Bar Restroom Reading

The chalkboard at A.C.'s

Staff Pick

Sometimes when you're out on the town, there's nothing more amusing than a bar bathroom. There's a surprise behind every door, be it a vomiting chick or a toilet hopelessly clogged but you use it anyways. Why not? While they've all got the typical scribble of phone numbers and heart-encircled names of inebriated soulmates, only A.C.'s Bar and Grill offers chalkboards and colorful chalk. Hovering over the seat (because no one actually sits on the toilet), you're flanked by a chalkboard on either side on which to voice your inner feelings — from what a slut Sarah is, to motivating haikus, to graphic drawings of pink bears with mustaches. It's easy to lose track of time in there, forgetting the dull ache in your quads while squatting, doodling, and reading — until somebody finally bangs on the door.

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