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Gose, Westbrook Brewing Co.

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Charleston is a salt-loving town. Sometimes when it comes to our food, a not-so-light hand with NaCl is one of the area’s most defining characteristics. And when it comes to craft beer lovers, or at least those without a serious addiction to hops, most diehard drinkers simply go cuckoo for sour beers. Enter Westbrook Brewing Co.’s Gose. This sour-and-salty can of awesome has taken the Holy City by storm. And for good reason: It’s got just the right amount of pucker, a salty little bite, and a low alcohol content of 4 percent ABV. However, if there’s one drawback to Westbrook Gose, it’s not exactly a session beer — despite the mini-ABV. Due to the sourness and the salt, we doubt you could down one after another. That said, we’re seriously thinking of drinking this instead of Gatorade after a good run. —Chris Haire
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