Best Birthday Tradition That’s Also Appalling

The birthing of the Loda

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Every year it’s the same deal, but the excitement and anticipation only grows. Each January 23 at 12:44 a.m., Matthew Aloysius Loda reenacts the moment of his birth, stripping down to nothing but a diaper; soaking himself in baby shampoo, oil, or beer; and emerging through an inner tube to a throng of friends and curious onlookers drawn in by the shouting from whatever Folly Beach bar is hosting that year’s celebration. A local real estate agent, Loda’s also a co-owner of the Drop-In Deli, and most days he’s a rather respectable guy. At 12:40 a.m. on his birthday this year, he was still out on the street mixing it up with party attendees. Four minutes later, he was nearly naked on the ground, soaking wet and fresh from the womb. We haven’t met his mother, but we hear she’s quite proud.

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