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Colin Quashie’s Monopoly for The Plantation (Plan-ta-shun)

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Colin Quashie is Charleston’s most shocking artist. His Plantation exhibition, which opened last March at Redux, turned a lot of modern elements on their toes while exploring Charleston’s sad history with slavery, complete with paint palettes and slave resumés. Quashie even created his own special plantation-themed version of Monopoly just for the exhibit, but we don’t think Parker Brothers will be releasing it anytime soon. Players could purchase Charleston landmarks like Magnolia Plantation (for $400) and take the Underground Railroad. “I even rewrote all of the rules and everything like that,” Quashie told us back in March. “And of course, instead of hotels, once you get four slaves, you can buy yourself a mule to work on your plantation.” His hope was for viewers to take a seat and play a round — and there’s no telling how many pieces went missing in the process.
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