Best Breaking News from an AOL-Owned Hyperlocal Website's coverage of Occupy Bachmann

Staff Pick

We here at the City Paper love to see our staffers go on to bigger and better things. We're not assholes who hold a grudge. We sincerely want everyone who has written for us to find success in all of their future endeavors. And as sad as it was to see former News Editor Greg Hambrick leave us for's Goose Creek bureau — which is really just Greg — we love it when he breaks a story. And one in particular was a doozy. On Nov. 10, a group of Charleston occupiers attended a Michele Bachmann rally in Mt. Pleasant and performed a so-called mic check that brought the entire proceedings to a standstill. Shortly after the story broke locally — thanks not only to Greg but to fellow Patcher Adam Crisp — Occupy Bachmann went national. Congrats, guys.

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