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At some point last year, we started hearing rumblings about a bubble soccer league in Charleston, and we were stoked beyond belief. We’d already watched a few videos online of people playing the new sport, which is basically the same as regular soccer except that all of the players are wearing giant inflatable bubbles with their legs sticking out. We couldn’t help but laugh as we watched people tumbling head over heels and ricocheting off of each other, apparently uninjured. Finally, something promising popped up on our Facebook feeds: A page called Holy City Bubble Soccer was seeking out people who were interested in joining a league. We submitted our contact information immediately and said we’d love to write a story about it, but somewhere along the way it fizzled out. The fall season was supposed to start Sept. 23, but the date came and went and the page stopped updating. We’re still not sure what happened there, but we’re hopeful that it will start back up again one day.
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