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Mt. Pleasant Town Elections

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In the closing weeks of the otherwise polite and civil three-way Mt. Pleasant mayoral race, things got a little heated when Councilman Gary Santos called for the council to restore tongue-in-cheek comments made by his mayoral opponent, Councilman Billy Swails, regarding the Freedom of Information Act. The comments had been edited from the council minutes. As the council rejected the request, acting Mayor Kruger Smith said that Santos was “trying to drum up an issue that is a non-issue.” Later that week, Swails said Santos verbally attacked Smith because of Smith’s recent endorsement of Swails for mayor. Santos denied the accusation. Swails called Santos “a vicious human being” and “a child.” Smith then claimed Santos told him he could “rot in hell.” It went on like that for a week in the daily paper before things died down. Swails had enough luck and support to win the election. Santos wasn’t so lucky — he came in third.

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