Best Chainsaw Juggler

Christopher Cox

Staff Pick

When we met Christopher Cox, he was worried about being evicted yet again. With an oversized red truck backed into his warehouse, he could be ready to go at a moment's notice. "People recognize my truck," says the traveling artist. "I'm having an art show at every stop light, and every time I get gas." For a while, Cox had a spot on Coleman Boulevard where he sold his carvings, but his dog bit someone and he had to leave. At the time, he wasn't sure where he'd be next. "As an artist, you've got to be able to pick up and move," he said with a shrug. Chris wasn't worried: He was full of big plans that included a reality show featuring some of the best chainsaw artists across the country. Whether he's carving lifesize sea turtles and dolphins or juggling chainsaws blindfolded, this former political assistant to Dan Quayle and Colin Powell is a risk-taker in all his endeavors.

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