Best Chance Encounter with Royalty

The Dubplates' Big Hair Meets Prince Harry

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Although it’s a night that Prince Harry would probably like to forget, it’s one that David “Big Hair” Brisacher of the 12-piece, Charleston-based Dubplates probably never will. While in Vegas for a bachelor party, Big Hair happened to meet the British royal at a night-time pool party. As fate would have it, Harry was a reggae fan and he took a shine to Brisacher. A strange coincidence, right? And then it got even stranger. Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Ryan Lotche was there too. And for some crazy reason, the three men decided to hold a swimming contest against other. Sounds like fun, yeah? And it was, but for the prince it was a little too much fun. As the night progressed, Harry ended up in his suite partying away buck naked with a buck-naked chick. And then some asshole photographed and sold the image to the press. But while Harry took a slagging in the tabloids, Big Hair enjoyed a moment in the spotlight. As for Brisacher’s band the Dubplates, you can find them playing gigs around town on a regular basis. We have it on good word that you might even find them performing at our annual Best of Charleston Party.
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